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We at Crown Cornice Mouldings & Millworks Inc. are a family owned business that has been serving the GTA for over 12 years. Crown moulding and trim is always the last project in most renovations, but the details in the various styles can transform any room into a masterpiece. In most cases, we understand that the customer is unsure of what they are looking for. Our experienced sales team can help select a design to accentuate the client’s home while also providing an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge base to draw from.

Customers can also find comfort in our free in-home consultation. We understand that it can be difficult for our customers to find time in their hectic schedules to visit our showroom. We handle that by sending out one of our qualified sales professionals who will bring our showroom to you. This is a great incentive for many clients who are eager, but perhaps indecisive when selecting the appropriate style or architectural detail when it comes to their own home.

Our strength in production, manufacturing, and service ensures short lead times along with the flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs and contributing to the growth of our customer's businesses. Crown Cornice Mouldings & Millworks Inc.'s supply network includes a series of distributor and dealer relationships in Canada and the United States.

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