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Mouldings & Millworks Resources

Crown Cornice Mouldings & Millworks Inc. seeks to provide our customers with resources they need to learn more about our products, decide on which products will work best for them, and find out more info about our processes. Read on below to see answers to commonly asked questions and in-depth information on each topic.

Product Brochures

We come across this question a lot. Every product type has its advantages and disadvantages.

FAQ Chart

The term "MDF" has become a household name like "Kleenex" and refers to an engineered wood product. Fiberboard is a GREEN product in that 100% of its wood content comes from recycled wood. Many years ago this wood was burned or filled up landfills but is now made into beautiful panels to manufacture moulding, furniture, and cabinets to name a few. There are many manufacturers across Canada and the United States that produce ultra-lite to high density fiberboard. Low grade fiberboard is also produced in China and Malaysia as well.

These are the different levels in fiberboard:

  • U-LDF: Ultra-Lite Density Fiberboard
  • LDF: Low Density Fiberboard
  • MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard
  • HDF: High Density Fiberboard

In most big box stores the most common level of fiberboard is LDF but it is misconceived as MDF because it is used as generic term for fiberboard. The level is determined by the amount of fibers used, resin amount and compression. The higher the density, the more fibers and resin are compressed to create the same profile.

HDF ads an additional process that uses highly compressed air to create exploded wood fibers. These exploded wood fibers are so fine that when compacted, result in a denser product. HDF is superior to wood in many respects and is prized by woodworkers because of its ease to work with and machine and the product's smooth surface makes it ideal for millwork.

There is absolutely no difference. Different parts of the world and within Canada use the terms Cornice and Crown but they area all referring to the same thing. To be more specific the term crown is often used in applications where the moulding "crowns" a surface like a kitchen cabinet or bookshelf. It gets its name from the fact that it sits on top of something like a kings crown sits on his head. In the end both terms are generic like asking for a "Band-aid" instead of an "adhesive bandage". That is why we named the company CrownCornice, we simply put the two commonly used names for moulding together and the rest is history!

On average we only require one day for our installations. However installation time varies based on the scope of the work being competed. Our primary concern is the quality of the work being done, not necessarily the time it takes to complete the project. Every project is completed in a timely manner, however we take the necessary time to do things right the first time. We usually require 2-3 weeks lead time, but that varies based on the time of year.

NO, painting is not included in the installation price. All of our crowns are primed white with an industrial primer that is environmentally safe. We recommend that you wait 24 hrs after the installation is complete to paint.

All of our crown mouldings are 16ft long. Most of our baseboards and trims are 16ft as well, because our mouldings are manufactured in long lengths, installation is quick and easy.

We offer both material and installed services. You can visit our showroom to select the material you need and take it home with you if you decide to install it yourself.

We recommend that glue is only used on corners or joints where two pieces are coming together. For best results, use a pneumatic fastening system with 18 gauge brad nails, nailing top and bottom every 4 to 6 inches.

All crowns have a spring angle that determines the angle it is cut at. Most crowns sit on a 45° spring angle but some are at 52° or 38°. Some smaller crowns can be vertically nested on the saw to achieve the required 45° cut. We suggest that our crown are cut in the flat position and the compound method used to set the bevel and mitre. This will provide you with a more accurate cut since you are not struggling to keep your long length up against a saw fence. Also it will allow you to be more accurate to adjust the settings for walls/ceilings that are not square.

Flooring FAQ: Laminate

Laminate flooring can be installed on any existing flooring except carpet. We do not recommend installing laminate in wet and damp areas like bathrooms.

It's very important to leave laminate flooring to leave in room in its packaged form so that it can acclimate to the room temperature of around 18° to 22°C and humidity of around 50%.

In most of the cases, YES. 12 to 15 mm expansion gap is mandatory around the perimeter of the room and other obstructions like heating pipes. When area of the room is large, it becomes even more essential to have wider expansion gap because that allows floor to expand in changing temperature and humidity of the room.

No, not at all. You can start walking and moving the furniture over laminate floor right after installation.

It is certainly possible if humidity of the area is controlled, one can install laminate flooring anywhere.

First and for most things, never apply wax or sand on the laminate flooring because that will spoil the polish of the flooring. It's essential to wipe out spills immediately. DAMP mopping is also mandatory at regular intervals but don't use any cleaner. It's advisable to use premium quality neutral floor cleaner.

Laminate flooring is composite material and hence, it cannot be refinished.

Laminate floors are scratch resistant but no floor in the world is 100% scratch proof. If someone is claiming so, it's nothing but a false commitment.

We have three different levels available. AC3 (Residential), AC4 (Residential/Commercial) & AC5 (Commercial).

Depending on your selection, our laminate is manufactured in China, Germany and Switzerland.

Flooring FAQ: Engineered & Hardwood Flooring

Sourcing oaks and maple from all over North & South America, Europe, and Southwest Asia provides us with the highest quality wood to use for our hardwood floors.

Our flooring is available in Red Oak, White Oak, Exotic Walnut, European Maple, Peruvian Jatoba, and Hickory.

Our Engineered & Hardwood Flooring are available in smooth, matte and Hand Scraped.

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